Professional Web Design Services

Finding Creative Solutions to Complex Problems.

We’re an experienced and dedicated design & digital marketing company. We work to continuously deliver innovative ideas and creative solutions for our clients.


The N8 Logic design team is unbelievably creative. With the experience that rivals larger design firms only without the inflated price tag. Want to see more? Check out our portfolio and you’ll see some of the most streamlined, effective, and engaging design the web has to offer. Be it a website, social media page, logo, or print marketing design: Our designs are not only pleasing to look at but utilize long standing marketing strategies to make them effective. We may not be the biggest design team, but we do provide the highest quality and fastest turnaround time compared to our competitors.

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Digital Marketing:

It use to be online ads that got people to your website, but today’s marketing involves more than a banner ad and some online advertising. With compelling social media campaigns, effective PR outreach, focused PPC ads, engaging digital media and much more you can create “The Big Picture”. Interactive marketing means building campaigns that customers don’t just browse through, they interact with. And that’s what we bring to the table. Best of all, most of our clients see a reduction in costs when they create a unified marketing campaign with us.

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  • Advertising

Social Media:

Social Media connects the world together and weather or not you use it in your personal life it’s a necessity that you utilize it in your professional marketing. Our approach to Social media is simple: Complete integration with your website so that you spend minimal effort for maximum effect. We hardness powerful programs and website Features some that we’ve developed ourselves which automates your social media by utilizing your website’s content and then encourages your site visitors to spread the word about you across their own personal social networks. The effect is compounded and the result is a solid customer base that identifies with and talks positively about your brand.

See some of the Features we offer.


A good SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy is the difference between your website easily being found online and getting lost in the noise of thousands of other sites trying to stand out. With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, it can be difficult to know what’s effective here and now. In 2013, success in SEO hinges on websites putting together a robust combination strategy that brings together an integrated web of great content, credible links, and social signals. Each of these pieces supports the other, providing tremendous value to your visitors, building your authority and brand value, and distributing your content across new channels.

At N8 Logic we focus on keeping all our client sites up to date with the latest SEO strategies. Utilizing our custom framework we are constantly improving your site so that its content is highlighted, links are effective and social media is spreading the word about you. This leaves one less thing for you to worry about in running your business. And we’re proud of that.


We offer solid, well designed and economical E-Commerce solutions. It’s important that your store is consistently available to your customers, is easy for them to navigate to find what they want and offers the powerful features to support your products. Our versatile store programs are designed to be configured to your specific needs. Weather you need a complex ordering system with a myriad of choices and selections or a streamlined inexpensive store solution we have the tools to design, build and integrate it into your website.

We specialize in and usually recommend PayPal, but can work with other payment gateways as needed.

Web Support Services:

This is the service that we are most proud of. Since every client is unique and so are their specific needs we provide a general purpose Web Support Service to help you out. That means we’ll not only help with your website, but if you’re having trouble uploading a YouTube video or setting up a Kick Starter campaign all you need to do is call. We’re here to help. We’ll even help with computer problems if we can. Think of it as having a technical support guy in your office except you’re not paying them to sit around all day waiting for you to need something.

Keep in mind we can only guarantee our expertises on your website, but individual experts have knowledge in other areas and if we can help we’re glad to.