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FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Will my site look good in different browsers?
  2. Can you add e-commerce to my site?
  3. Can you do print design?
  4. Do you offer web hosting?
  5. Does my package include logo design?
  6. Can you create a free mock-up design for us to look at before we hire you?
  7. Can you do Flash?
  8. Can you create a blog?
  9. Can you write my content for me, blog for me, or perform other writing services?
  10. What about Search Engine Optimization?
  11. Can you attend a meeting/do a phone consultation?
  12. What if I need to make changes or add pages later?
  13. Can I update the site myself?
  14. How do we begin and where do we go from there?
  15. Do you accept credit cards?

Will my website look good in different browsers?

We test the site on Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer on Windows. At this time we test Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, and 8. We do not guarantee that a site will look exactly the same on Internet Explorer 6 as it does on other browsers, as IE6 is extremely outdated. We will however make sure the site is functional and looks approximately the same. If you need your site tested on other browsers, please specify each one before we get started.
We also test sites on full-size desktop monitors, laptops, and a variety of mobile devices.
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Can you add e-commerce to my site?

Yes. We can help you find a shopping cart system to match your needs and budget. We will set it up for you and make it an integrated part of your web site.
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Can you do print design?

Our Creative Designer has been doing graphic design for print (including creating letterhead, direct mail pieces, catalogs, etc.) for many years. If our schedule permits, we can add print design to your web design package. We will also try working with the local or internet based printer of your choosing, however please be aware that printing methods and equipment can vary between printers. Thus the turnaround time may be delayed depending on the quality of communication between the printer and our designer.
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Do you offer web hosting?

Yes. We do for sites designed by N8 Logic. The benefits of hosting your site through us is that the fees include basic management and regular archiving of your site, allowing for quick recovery of any lost data during a site crash due to hacking or other malevolent activities.
There are literally thousands of companies that provide web hosting; Do not sign up with a hosting company solely on price. Please read up on the company, do a Google search, or request the advice of a professional. We have seen too many situations where people ended up losing their domain names, having their sites repeatedly hacked, and having their sites go down, etc. with companies they chose based on a low monthly fee.
If you choose not to host your site with us we will charge extra for any time we spend on your behalf to deal with hosting issues.
If you have your hosting with Yahoo or EarthLink, we will automatically recommend that you switch hosting accounts.
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Does my package include logo design?

We will typically ask for any currently existing logo design you may have. In the case of a project including a logo design we will ask for additional information from you. Because a logo design is such an important element to any company or other entity it is vital that it be given the time and resources needed to be developed correctly. Getting the perfect logo for your company is a specialized type of design. We highly recommend that you consider the logo design as a separate project and so it will require its own approval and process. Also be aware that a web design project that includes a new logo design will take longer than one where an existing logo is provided to us.
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Can you do a free mock-up design before we decide to hire you?

We provide a portfolio for you to peruse so that you can see what kind of design and web sites we do. Every design we create is highly customized for the client, created to meet the specific needs and aesthetic for their business. This requires hours of consultation, thought, trial and error, and finessing. It is simply not feasible for us to put in this kind of thought, time, and commitment to your project without a retainer. Because each design is so customized, we cannot turn around and “sell” the same design to someone else. Therefore, we will not do any design work until we have received the retainer for the site. If you decide not to work with us any further after seeing the design, that is your prerogative, but the retainer is non-refundable. Note that our designer has done more than 100 graphic designs for web and print projects as a freelancer, and we have yet to have a situation where a client did not want to move forward with our design.
http://www.no-spec.com is an entire web site dedicated to the topic of “spec” work and has many articles about why the practice of asking for or doing free work to compete for a job is a bad idea all around.
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Can you do Flash?

Yes, but . . . there is usually a better alternative. We encourage clients not to use Flash except as a fun design element added to a primarily non-Flash site. In general, all-Flash web sites (“interactive” animated sites) tend to alienate more visitors than they impress. If a visitor to your site has a slower connection or does not have the correct plug-in, Flash will just get in the way. These sites tend to be more difficult to navigate and thus more time-consuming for the customer. You want visitors to spend money, and you want them to do it quickly before they decide to look somewhere else. It is also more expensive over the long run to maintain a Flash web site.
If, however, you determine that you want to incorporate Flash in your web design, we will consult with you to try and determine the most user-friendly Flash experience possible.
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Can you create a blog?

Absolutely! We create most blogs in WordPress. We can also use other programs like Blogger if you prefer.
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Can you write my content/blog/perform other writing services?

This is not a service we currently offer, but there are content sources and people we may be able to recommend for you. We may be able to coordinate with them to help you with your content and even to blog for you if you are like a lot of us and never seem to have the time. (Please make sure to discuss this with us before we start designing your site. We wouldn’t want you stuck with a dazzling website but no appropriate content to put on it.)
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What About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Definitely. In building your site we will do everything that we reasonably can to make your site search engine-friendly. This includes creating descriptive title tags, descriptions, and alt tags. However, SEO is a very complicated business, and the rules change all the time. We strongly encourage you to do some research about choosing keywords for your business. (We recommend reading the article here.) These keywords, which actually should be 2 or 3-word phrases, should appear in your content. Please tell us what keywords you want to focus on so that we can add them to the tags in your site.
We cannot guarantee search engine ranking for any site. Optimizing a web site is only one step in an SEO strategy. You should also submit your site to dmoz.com and the Yahoo Business Directory, as well as industry-specific web directories. You should also consider things like Google Adwords, BlogAds, and creating a buzz among popular Blogs. The more relevant links there are on the web to your web site, the better your site will rank. This does not mean you should “swap links” with hundreds of friends and unrelated businesses – at the end of the day this will actually hurt your search ranking.
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Can you attend a meeting/do a phone consultation?

We pride ourselves on providing very professional, personal, and fast service, and we always try to far exceed the expectations of our clients. However, we are a small design group, and in order to provide the quick turnaround our clients have come to expect from us, we have to balance our time very carefully. We have found that meetings and phone calls take 3 times as long to glean half the information we can provide and receive by email.
In addition, having all correspondence in email ensures that we both have a copy of every word of the conversation every step of the way. This prevents disputes, he said-she said disagreements, and miscommunications galore. We are able to constantly refer back to what was needed and requested in your own words rather than relying on our memories or hastily written notes. On the rare occasions that we have relented and done consultations by phone or in person, we always later regretted it as we just did not have all of the information we needed at our immediate disposal.
So the answer is yes we will meet with a client over the phone or in person, but strongly recommend against relying on these forms of communication.
Send us an email telling us what you want, and we will ask you some very specific questions in order to determine exactly what you need.
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What if we need to make changes or add pages later?

We can add and edit pages for you at any time. Please see the fine print page for details.
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Can I update the site myself?

Yes! We offer a few different options depending on your particular needs. Whether you just need to keep one small section updated or need to be able to edit the whole site, we can set you up with a site that works for you.
If you do not have time to do your own updates and are hosting with us, we can also make edits and updates to your site for you very quickly and affordably as needed. (Note that sites not hosted through N8 Logic may incur addition fees when updating.)
If you need an e-commerce site where you will need to add and remove products frequently, we can set up a shopping cart system that allows you to do this yourself.
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How do we begin and where do we go from there?

In general the process goes something like this:

  1. E-mail Consultation: We will discuss what you want and what you need, and determine if we can provide it in the necessary time frame.
  2. Contract Signed and Deposit Paid: Based on our consultation we will e-mail you a contract to read over, sign, and return to us. You also pay a retainer before we can begin any actual work on the site. We ask that you do not pay this until after #1 above, because it is non-refundable. The retainer pays for a site design, initial page build, and to reserve a block of time.
  3. Site Design: We will take the information you have given us and a logo if applicable and create a design for you. We will send you this design to approve or tweak, or we can start over with a different design. In general, 3 design revisions are included in the price.
  4. Design Approval: You approve the final design. This must happen before any of the site will be built. Any changes to the design after you have given approval may incur extra charges. Note that from the date of design approval, you have 30 days to pay the remainder of the quoted website fee.
  5. Site Build: We will begin creating the pages of your website. Note that we must have your content (text, photos, keyword phrases, etc.) in order to build these pages. We ask that text is sent to us in electronic format (i.e., in a Word document or in the body of an email) already edited and proofread. Photos should be web ready (jpeg, gif or png format). Extensive cropping or retouching of photos will incur additional fees. If this content is sent to us in a timely manner, you should have your completed website before your final payment is due. However, if there is a delay in the receipt of content, please note that you will still be responsible for making your final payment even if the site is still in progress. If payment is not received by the due date, work on the site will stop until payment, including late fees, is made.
  6. Site Check: You will thoroughly check all of the pages of the site for errors or revisions. We will make any corrections needed. Once you are satisfied that everything is as it should be, we will make the site live for the world to enjoy! (Final Payment must be made before publication.)
  7. Final Payment: 30 days after design approval (#4 above), final payment is due. Note that if this payment is not made, late fees will be incurred and work on your site will stop until payment, including late fees, is made. Please see our rates page for more information. The site will not be published until Final Payment is made.

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Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes. We prefer that payments be made by credit card. A link will be provided in the invoice that we e-mail to you. We use an invoice system run through PayPal for quick and easy use for our clients.

Invoices can be paid by:

  • Credit Card (a link will be provided on the invoice e-mail.)
  • PayPal, sent to billing@n8logic.net.

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