Fine Print

Details About Payments

After our initial e-mail consultation, we will give you a quote for the total fee based on the information you have given us. This fee may change if additional requests are made outside the scope of the original quote. You will be informed of the increase in price before the additional work is done.
Your retainer, which must be paid before we begin working on the site, covers the overall web design/concept of your website, initial page build, and a reserved block of time. This retainer is not refundable. We will work on the web design until you give us the ok that it is final and we can begin building the site and creating pages. Any changes requested to the web design past this point will incur additional hourly fees.
Once you have approved the design, we will begin building your site using the content you provide. The balance of the total fee is due within 30 days of design approval. Note that if all content, including text, login information, photos, etc., is provided in a timely manner, your site will probably be done before the fee is due. However, even if the site is still in progress due to a delay in the receipt of content or complexity of the project, the balance is still due within 30 days of design approval.

How to Make Payments

Invoices can be paid by:

  • Credit Card (a link will be provided on the invoice e-mail.)
  • PayPal, sent to


Late Fees

Unless other arrangements are made prior to the building of the website, payment of the remaining balance is due within 30 days of design approval. Late payments will incur a surcharge of $60 per month, and work on the site will stop until this payment, including the late fee, is made. If changes are made to the scope of the project during this 30-day period, the additional fees will also be due within the 30-day time frame. If payment has not been made by the due date, your site will be disabled until payment is made or a payment plan is mutually agreed upon.

Rush Fees

Please note that it pays to think ahead. If you need a site in 2 weeks, depending on our workload and the size of your site, we may need to charge a rush fee. The fee will vary depending on the timeframe and amount of work involved. Even if you originally hire us 2 months before the launch date, but then do not actually send us the necessary information to start the site until 2 weeks before the site has to be live, we will still need to charge a rush fee. We will warn you of this before going forward to allow you to decide if you really need the site that quickly.

Payment Plans

If you do not feel you will be able to pay the balance within 30 days of design approval, please arrange a payment plan with us in advance. We will work with you to spread out the payments over several months. However, please note that there will be a $30 surcharge for every additional month past the usual 1 month due date.

Returned Checks

If your check is returned for insufficient funds, we will require your payment by cash or money order within 3 days, and an additional $50 returned check fee will be incurred.

Site Updates

We bill updates to your web site at the $60 hourly rate. You will receive an invoice on the first day of the following month. Unless other arrangements are made prior to the updates, payment in full is due within 1 month of your invoice. Late payments will incur a surcharge of 10% of the balance or $60 (whichever is smaller) every month that payment is not received.