2014 Web Design Trends Top 5

2014 is fast approaching, bringing with it exciting new ideas, innovations and changes to business, entertainment and art. So there’s no surprise that the web will be adapting along with them. N8Logic shares a look at what we can expect to see over the coming year.

Here are the top 5 exciting new web design trends that will be prominent going into 2014.

2014 Web Design Trends Gold 2014 Image

1. Emphasis On Mobile Devices

It’s no secret that people are using their phones and tablets more and more to surf the web, order stuff online or connect with friends through social sites. So it’s only natural that web designers are looking at new ways to make their work easier to use on smaller screens.

Whether it’s Mobile-First, Responsive or Mobile Site Design, expect to see even more emphasis placed on optimizing how your website’s appears on mobile and hand-held devices.

2. Simplicity

It’s become easy for the design of a website to overpower its content with so much great technology at a designer’s fingertips these days. But now many web designs are going towards a more minimalistic & simplified look. This makes sure the design doesn’t get in the way of, or overpower, your great content.

Going along with simplicity, white space can help emphasize content, using it just like they do in magazines.

Also “No more Flash!” Websites are finally free to dump Flash in favor of more modern design languages like HTML5 and CSS3 which can do what Flash could only without the heavy resource usage or lack of mobile device support.

3. Single Page Design

More and more we’re seeing websites being designed to use a single page to host its content. This could work great for news or blog sites utilizing infinite scroll (Where the page loads more content as you scroll down.) or sales pages which combined the benefits of a focused landing page while populating specific content or form fields based on a visitor’s selections.

There has been some controversy over the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effects of using a single page website. Some say it hurts not having dedicated pages for specific content for Google to index while others claim having a single page boosts the value of that one page.

We’ll see how this shakes out in 2014 as more designers are adopting the Single Page Design for their clients.

4. Big Visuals

Whether it’s a stunning full screen image that dominates your home page or innovative Parallax design where the background shifts as the visitor scrolls down changing the look of the site to highlight the content, it is a great way to make an early impact on your visitors.

Parallax is actually a very neat new trick and when done well has a huge impact on visitors to your site.

Check this example out. This making of the “Life of Pi” site is one of the best uses of Parallax design seen on the web.

Either way utilizing big and interesting visuals isn’t anything new, but it’s being embraced in an even bigger way and we’re sure to see this trend continue throughout 2014.

5. Expanded Web Fonts

Gone are the days of limited web fonts where designers had a short list of universally supported typography.

With web hosted fonts like Google Fonts and Typekit, designers hands are no longer tied by what each browser supports and can now expand their visual control over the site to typography which is something that has sorely been needed.

And this is just some of the innovative new trends you can expect to see this coming year. 2014 is looking to start out as pretty stellar year for Web Design.